Graphic Design

Graphics were designed for individuals & businesses to promote their products & services. These include posters, art, business cards, logos, mascots, icons and banners. A selected few of my designs are displayed below. All of these graphics were drawn using illustrator and are in vector format. Some of these graphics were done in spare time as part of a hobby.

Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan Artwork

Air Jordan 1 is one of the most popular sneakers in the United States and by extension, the world. It is the first sneaker released under the legendary Michael Jordan's shoe deal. It wrote a new chapter for brands and athletes alike. Now a $3B brand for Nike, This shoe represents a unique history and has a legacy well cherished by the old and the new alike. This particular illustration is another chapter in the shoe's legacy, where it was redesigned by The Artistic Director of Men's Fashion at Louis Vuitton & The CEO of the fashion label 'Off-White', Virgil Abloh. It was an instant hit as the redesign was well received by the masses. This illustration serves as a tribute to this great sneaker.

Poster for a Tutor

Poster for a Tutor

A tutor had given the requirements of listing all the information necessary to advertise his classes to be displayed in a standard poster. This was a challenging task as adding all the info completely took up existing space, so adjustments had to be done in order to incorporate all the data by resizing certain elements, Using layers to show depth and background overlays to make efficient use of space. Several iterations later, I was able to finalize the poster and the final result is displayed above.

Carl Sagan

Artwork of Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan was the most popular science communicator of the 20th Century. He became well known due to his television series 'The Cosmos' which was estimated to have been watched by a half a billion people globally. I was particularly touched by his thoughts on life & death and passion for Astronomy. He was primarily a Planetary Scientist who discovered the reasoning behind the Venus's extreme heat and helped uncover the mystery of Mars's Sandstorms. An advocate for scientific thinking and rational decision making, he inspired me and millions of others. Which led me to create this artwork to immortalize him in my own way.

Michael Collins

Micheal Collins Artwork

Among the three men of the historic Apollo 11 mission, He might be the least popular among the three and for good reason, he didn't step on the moon. Michael Collins the moon's own satellite as he orbited around the object while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin carried out the mission on the surface. Together, they performed what might be humanity's greatest achievement which is landing on another celestial object. As two of his crew mates are well known, it inspired me to create an artwork of this astronaut who was a significant part of the success of the mission and yet didn't get the recognition he deserves. I was able to complete the project over a timespan of a week and I'm extremely proud of the result.

Poster for A Hotel


Infinity Hotels intended to advertise their business through a flyer. This wasn't particularly challenging but it was stimulating creatively as it required proper management of whitespace while using suitable content. The background chosen is a royalty free image of a boat in the ocean which aligns with the theme of the brand which is adventure and comfort. Name of the business and the logo was enlarged to grab any viewer's attention and direct it towards the rest of the poster.

Conway The Machine

Conway The Machine Artwork

Conway The Machine is a musician who I am a fan of. He is in the rap group 'Griselda' from Buffalo, New York. What he represent to me is his perseverance which led to his success. The subject of his music is usually grime and details about his life in his city but they're laid in a unique flow and instrumentals. Work on this art had several techniques in layering, masking and gradients.