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Higher Education

I'm in the final year of the Computer Science Undergraduate program of the University of Westminster as part of the 2021 batch. The degree program contains three years worth of education and a year of internship placement also known as the 'Sandwich Degree'. The education portion consists of lectures in software engineering principles such as Object Oriented Programming and Sofware Design.

I was able to score an average of 65 for the second year which included modules such as Database Systems, OOP and Software Development Group Project. The latter in which I along with another four batchmates developed an a mobile application which predicts used smartphone prices in Sri Lanka.

The degree program was preceded by the Foundation Certificate In Higher Education, Informatics Institute Of Technology in 2017. This is an alternative for students who wish to skip the A/Ls and start the degree. The foundation consists of just 8 months worth of studies. Which is much faster than the A/L process. Basics of software, IT, 3D modelling and Math were covered to serve as a basis for the degree.

Life During Covid Lockdowns

The pandemic effected almost each and every person globally, so in case you were wondering how University of Westminster students managed to deal with lockdowns, you can watch the video on the left.

Intermediary Education


I was able to complete the WinSys Certificate in Software Engineering course in 2016, Which provided a more intermediary into development. Particularly with an introduction to the server side languages. The language used was PHP and basics of it were covered. Sample sites were built using MySQL databases. Software Testing and Networking Systems were studied in brief as well.

Primary Education

Primary & Secondary

Amal International School was my alma mater from 2006-2015. The year in which I sat for the O/L Examination. I was able to score As for English, Islam and IT. The school provided a focus on literature, language and IT. I learnt the basics of Website Development, the Office suite and 2D & 3D Graphic Design tools. Extra-curriculars activities such as basketball and cricket were emphasized and so I was able to participate in them at School.