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Hi I'm Yoosuf Muneer

I'm a Full Stack Developer & Designer, Graphic Designer and Animator based in Sri Lanka. I'm currently a B.Sc Computer Science Undergraduate at Informatics Institute of Technology affiliated with University of Westminster. I have several years worth of experience in developing websites for various clients all around the country. I've helped brands establish their online identity by pairing these websites with their social media platforms.

I have created animated videos as well as graphic designs for clients. These videos are creative, eye-catching and most importantly deliver what is required by the client. Posters, Artwork, Flyers, Business Cards and Logos are some examples of my graphic design portfolio. My aim is to modernize the brands I work with, introduce a new, refreshing, online customer base which would help them take their business to the next plateau.

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Work Experience

My initial work experience is from interning at a startup known as Enif Labs in late 2016 to early 2017. The experience was valuable in learning how to build websites using wordpress. I was able to contribute in the development of three websites, two were static sites and one was dynamic. I got the opportunity to redesign the logo of the company. I got first hand opportunity to participate in a business pitch to a potential client although as an observer, I learned a lot from the experience.

I've been a graphic designer & developer ever since, Although solo I was able to pitch to clients, work on interesting projects such as animated videos, posters, logos and flyers for political campaigns, youtube channels and businesses. I've also had the opportunity to build several websites for businesses.



Web Development involves various skills in combination. These include the basics of setting up a website HTML, CSS and Javascript. Then Java was learnt during the first year of the degree as well as Object Oriented Programming which is a core principal in software development. Experience in languages such as PHP, C# and Python were gained from second to final year of the degree.

Frameworks and libraries were used in projects, Django was used to host an API for a second year project. NTLK was used to get sentiment scores, Materialize CSS and Bootstrap were used in several front end projects. Furthermore JQuery and JQuery mobile was used in two projects. MySQL was experimented with extensively to gain more insight and understanding in the second year of the degree.

I'm also proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro & Blender. These softwares are used in the making of animation videos, video production, photo editing and 3D modelling.

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